Top 5 Locations for Real Estate Investment in Gurgaon

Real estate is going through a great transformation in India due to the emergence of various factors like RERA, Demonetization, GST etc. so these are factors which will directly benefit to the customers who want to purchase their home. So by the emergence of RERA the real estate sector will be a more organized sector & there will an administrative body under which real estate will have to work. Due to demonetization the use of cash component will be very less in market.

Today if we are talking about Gurgaon, we should take into the account that Gurgaon is the fastest developing city of the Asia & it is generating a more than 60% of job generation of Delhi-NCR region. Today out of top 500 companies more than 300 companies have their head office in gurgaon. So people prefer to live nearby their job location that’s why people are going for gurgaon. So today it is the best time & place for the investment in properties in gurgaon & if we can compare the top locations from gurgaon where we can invest & get a good appreciation. So there are different locations with each having pros & cons.

Some of the top locations where people are going for investment today in   gurgaon are:

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Important Factor that to be Consider Before Investing into Real Estate.

As per current market scenario properties in gurgaon everyone wants to think before investing their harden money in to REAL ESTATE.

So, we should consider some important things before investing real-estate market:

 Location: – The major factor to be considered is Location –location- location. Buyer/Investor should check location like its connectivity to major places like Hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airport, and metro connectivity if we are planning to buy in metro cities.

Builder: – 2nd major things we should consider is reputation of builder, its delivered projects, construction quality, Project delivery records. Construction quality of a builder leads to appreciation of cost.

 Cost Evaluation: For best investment return we need to work on cost also. What is the cost running in near locations. We need to check on future returns on that property by comparing running rates in nearby properties.

Security: As everything requires security same as our money which we are investing requires security. Our property should have insurance coverage. It should to protected and secured with insurance policies.

Customized Living Option:- It should not be for only investment, we should consider some points that we can live there that means we need to choose like we are looking for self use it should not be like only investments i.e. facings, nearby  park if its residential options. In commercial connectivity with roads, facing, floors etc.

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